Pool & Sauna


Water & Warmth

Indoor pool SeeHuus Lifestyle Hotel

Weightless in the pool

Our spacious, heated indoor swimming pool invites you to linger. Thanks to the invigorating GRANDER water that flows throughout the hotel, the water in our pool is also particularly soft and pleasant to the skin. Enjoy the gentle waves of the water and look up at the Baltic Sea sky through the daylight window. Whether right after getting up or in the evening after an eventful day’s holiday on the German Baltic Sea – on more than 80 m² you can swim a few laps every day from 7.00 to 22.00 and simply feel good.

Sit back & relax

In our charming sauna area you can switch off and do something good for your health at the same time. Choose between the hot Finnish sauna, our gentle steam bath and the circulation-friendly sanarium.
To switch off, you can make yourself comfortable on our cosy relaxation loungers in the relaxation room with a view of the Baltic Sea. There you can read snuggled up in fluffy blankets or simply close your eyes for a while and relax.

Our saunas

Finnish Sauna
The Finnish sauna is the classic sauna and the best-known type of sauna in Germany. With high temperatures between 80 and 90 °C and a low humidity of 10-30 %, it has a relaxing and health-promoting effect.

Steam Bath

The warm, moist air of the steam bath has a positive effect on well-being. At 40 to 50 °C and high humidity, the airways are cleared and the pores of the skin are opened.


With comparatively low temperatures of 65 to 70 °C, the sanarium, also known as the bio-sauna, is the circulatory-friendly version of the Finnish sauna. With a fairly high humidity of around 55%, it is the perfect combination of Finnish sauna and steam bath.

Sauna SeeHuus Lifestyle Hotel